... jeden 2. Dienstag ein neues Set

In our podcast-series Bushbash FM you are able to listen to all kinds of music from different DJs. We support our friends and those who believe in the same principles as us and those who do not usually have an opportunity to share their music with the world. 

In this podcast, we do not believe that there should be many boundaries regarding the genre of the music. Hence, you are able to find all kinds of genres - acid, psytrance, industrial techno, EBM, dark disco and many more. Maybe you can discover something new? Anyways, tune in to our podcast and turn up your speakers!

If you want to send us a set, you can do so at demo(at)bushbash.de.

Bushbash FM (2021)

Clarity is from Canada and had the great pleasure of raving in London’s hard techno scene for a few months before the pandemic. During her brief yet full-on exposure to London rave, she frequented Jaded and FOLD, hearing first hand from hard techno titans. She became drawn to trippy, spacey yet powerful, industrial sounds that are fast and expressive. Her energy on the dancefloor, as captured in her front row Boiler Room appearances (e.g. Djrum, Yak), is present in her music and her demeanour in real life. She wishes everyone good health and well-being, and hopes to be united at the dance one day.


Bushbash auf Sendung (Unsere erste Setreihe aus 2019/2020)

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